Our farm's products are made with care and are available at our court.

These includes:

  - Heumilchkäse
  - Brandies
  - Eggs
  - Bread
  - Jams

The milk that comes from our cows is called Heumlich (hay milk). The cows are fed in winter in our new playpen in a separate barn exclusively with hay and grain.
In summer our cows  are on pasture and on the fields, where they get fresh grass and herbs .
We refine this Heumilch to different cheeses and yoghurt.

Our brandies - rowan, gentian, pear and fruit brandy – are produced with the fruits of the trees  on the farm .

The eggs come from our happy hens. These are purely natural fed (corn, grain, grass) and have enough space to live. The best conditions for a healthy and tasty egg for breakfast.

We bake a variety of breads, for which  we only use grain (of us freshly grounded). The " Gasteiner Früchtebrot " is more than a specific specialty.

Fine jams are manufactured by us from various fruits. It is especially important for us to use as little sugar as possible  and we just use exclusively very well ripened fruits of hand-picked quality.